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Unfortunately breast cancer is so common that all of us know someone affected by the disease or maybe you yourself have been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer.  The primary goal of this study is to discover new genetic risk factors for breast and ovarian cancer in Ashkenazi Jewish women.  Also, we will compare Ashkenazi Jewish women with BRCA mutations that have developed cancer to those with BRCA mutations that have not developed cancer to identify genetic modifying factors that may interact with these genes.  Eventually, we foresee this research leading to the identification of genetic targets for prevention and treatment of breast and ovarian cancer.

This study has been funded by The Jewish Women's Foundation of New York, The Shifrin Myers Breast Cancer Research Fund, and individual philanthropists.

Be a part of the solution for future generations of Ashkenazi Jewish women by helping to improve the identification of women at risk by participating in this study. 

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